SchellaStarShine: New Piece

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Piece

My newest stencil work

Detail Photo 1

Detail Photo 2

Detail Photo 3

I've been wanting to try out spray inks as a less toxic, environmentally friendly option to spraypaint, but I checked out our local art supply stores and they weren't available. I found some pump spray paint for fabric and decided to experiment with that. The colors turned out really cool! There is definitely alot of buckling with this type of paint versus spraypaint. On the plus side, no toxic fumes to contend with, and I was able to spray indoors yesterday while it was pouring down rain outside!


  1. This turned out amazing! I love the layering!!!!

  2. I have some spray inks that I have not tried yet...these look wonderful!

  3. Lots of great texture and layering.... well done! nancy