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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Teddy aka Theodore, Ted, "T"

This is Teddy. Teddy is an incredible dog. He's a thirteen years old Welsh Corgi, and has a condition called Megaesophagus.

As a result of this condition, he has to eat and drink in an upright position, and I found that the easiest way to make him do this was to buy a trash can and stick him in it. (with pillows under and around him, of course!) Teddy doesn't understand why I torture him several times a day, making him eat his food while sitting in this ugly bucket. Not only does he have to eat his food and water in the bucket, but he also has to sit in the bucket for 20 minutes afterwards to keep his food from coming back up. What an outrage! Somedays, he sits in the bucket and waits quietly with the patience of Job.....a long suffering air about him. Other out! He barks, he growls, he wiggles, and squirms, and even launches himself out of the bucket if he's feeling REALLY fiesty!

Isn't it hideous???? The bucket is just brown. Now you know that it offended my artistic sensibilites, but think of what it was doing to him. ;)

So I got a wild hair in the Pure Experimentation/Stencilry class I've been taking and I decided to make some improvements to this horrible eyesore.

TaDa!! Spraypaint and Stencils to the rescue!!!

See how happy he looks now??? Look at that big smile! :) (OK, so Corgis always look like they're smiling, but I know he really means it!)

"T" the SuperCorgi!!

Stay tuned....I'm not finished with the bucket design yet. I have plans to make a stencil of his head and incorporate that into the design!

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